About us

How we began

Mydas Touch originally started many years ago when, as a small boy, Christopher discovered crayons, paper and pencils. After reading many classic comics like “The Beano” Christopher decided that drawing pictures was a much better way of making a living than other forms of employment. Christopher and his brother Timothy were rarely seen without a pencil in their hands drawing cartoons and illustrations to show to their beloved mum Grace, and dad Harry. As time and age progressed Christopher began taking commissions for comic drawings whilst still at school.

After leaving school Christopher gained a job designing signs for a large company. Throughout this time he drew and dreamed of the time when he could earn a living doing what he loved creating artwork which would delight others. After many years Christopher took the plunge and Mydas Touch was created in February 2008.

The name Mydas Touch was decided upon because of the turtle character which Christopher has used for around twenty years. The Genus name for the turtle character he created is ‘Chelonia Mydas’ – a breed of green Atlantic turtle and the character was affectionately referred to as Mydas.


Christopher spends his time producing his artwork for a wide range of clients including the NHS, schools, and individual companies. He also spends time creating new designs for Mydas Touch. Mydas Touch sells a large range of exclusive products that appeal to all ages. All artwork from idea, to pencil sketch to finished artwork, is the idea and creation of Christopher and is unique to Mydas Touch. Local companies are used to make the products. Christopher has achieved his goal of creating artwork that is not only visually appealing but often very functional.

Christopher now works from his studio at home where he welcomes customers old and new.  New designs are created on a regular basis and bespoke designs can be created upon request to suit individual tastes. All customers have the opportunity to visit Christopher and view his large selection of products and gifts.

Mydas Touch also attend many shows, craft and gift fairs where customers have the chance to view and buy the products. Christopher is usually at hand, with a pencil and sketch pad, working on his next design.