Toby Jug Clock


Toby Jug is a full-length figure – more often than not male, (although there a few females too), and is dressed from head to toe in the clothing associated with the 18th Century: – a long frock coat, tricorn hat, knee-length breeches, waistcoat and neckerchief.

This version of the Toby Jug was designed for Christopher’s home village – Whalley, Lancashire and depicts a monk and the three fishes which are used to create the handle. The monk relates to the monks of Whalley Abbey and the three fishes relate to the three rivers near Whalley – River Ribble, River Calder and River Hodder.

Please note these clocks are not suitable for outside use.

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All clocks are created and designed by Mydas Touch artist Christopher Perkins and are unique to Mydas Touch. Appealing to both children and adults, these charming clocks can grace any room in the home, office or workplace, whether it’s the kitchen or the bedroom, the bathroom or nursery these wonderful fully functioning timepieces will appeal to all ages.

Direct printed onto acrylic and cut to shape providing a professional finish, the clocks are light fast, very hard wearing and can be wiped clean. Ready to hang, they come boxed and guaranteed. They take a standard AA battery.

With dozens of unique clock designs to choose from there is sure to be one to suit each individual taste, young and old. Each individual design varies in size but fits within an A4 box (approximately 30cm x 21cm).

Please note these clocks are not suitable for outside use.

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